January Update

I hope your year is off to a great start. I can’t believe January is already coming to a close! Since it has been a while since I posted, I wanted to update everyone on a few important areas of note.

  1. The first widening project of the Ross Clark Circle will begin on February 9. Expect only minor delays and lane adjustments at first. Bigger headaches will come in mid to late 2015. Please be patient when driving in the area and understand that the inconvenience of road construction is the price we have to pay for an improved transportation system.
  2. The drainage issues being caused by discharge from the water tower in Wicksburg will soon find a permanent solution as the city of Dothan is building a retention pond near the tower to handle the runoff.
  3. Work on my spending efficiency program is still underway. A draft of the proposed program has been completed and will undergo revisions before it lands on a meeting agenda.
  4. Early indications suggest that ALDOT is going to do something to make the intersection of 84 West and Bay Springs Road more safe. While the intersection does not meet federal requirements for a traffic light, I’m hearing that the problematic utility pole will likely be removed. I believe this is a good start but probably won’t fix all of the problems with that intersection. I plan to follow up with ALDOT in early February.
  5. Grow Dothan, the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development program, is ahead of schedule with their capital campaign. I believe this will be a key asset in the coming years when it comes to recruiting companies to the area.
  6. I’ve asked the Houston County EMA to provide performance statistics related to the volunteer fire and rescue squads which operate in the rural portions of the County. I don’t like to rely on opinions and here-say and believe these statistics will help quantify the health of the system.
  7. My next town hall meeting will be at the St. Peter Community Church at 241 Marshall Road. It will be held February 11 at 7 pm.
  8. Hamp Baxley, the Dothan District 6 Commissioner, and I plan on holding a joint town hall meeting with the new Dothan District 5 Commissioner some time in the coming months once the D-5 election is settled.

Other items of note:

  • Grading of the dirt roads in District 4 is currently underway. Hollis Dairy road has been graded but some ditch work is yet to be completed. Expect grading on other dirt roads to begin soon, if they have not begun already.
  • I hope to soon have prisoners pick up the trash that is beginning to become a eyesore on Fortner Street near the intersection with Brannon Stand Road.

Garbage cans being left on right of way

If you received a vague but sternly worded message about your garbage can recently, I apologize. The message which was told to be delivered to you by the Road and Bridge administration and the message that made it to your door was not the same thing. The Department will do a better job next time making sure that more accurate (and friendly) information is given to you.

If you received this unfortunate letter, is is probably because you are leaving your garbage cans near the roadway and not removing them at the end of garbage pickup day. As you can imagine, leaving cans near the road can be a hazard to public safety. It is for this reason that any household who makes it a habit of not removing their cans, may have their cans taken away. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.