May 2016 Update

Warmer weather is here which means any day now it’s going to get hot and stay hot until fall. Although our FY-2017 budget will not be approved until closer to the end of summer, work on it has already begun. Other projects continue to occupy my attention as well and although predicting the future is tricky business, here are a few things to look for:

  • ALDOT & The Ross Clark Circle – I spoke with ALDOT yesterday morning and they said a recent bill passed by Congress may allow them to obtain slightly more federal funding on a state-wide basis than they originally thought. They are still evaluating that and their plans for the Circle. I am hoping work will began in 2017.
  • Maybe a minor off-system road project in 2017 – While doing a large project is fiscally out of the question and a bond issue won’t be a possibility until FY-2019, I’m hoping we can find some money for a small project in FY-2017. Also, South Bay Springs Road is still scheduled to be resurfaced late this summer as part of the FY-2016 budget.
  • Moderate expansion of industrial base – Several economic development projects are still in the works. We soon hope to have good news for more expansion at the Dothan Airport. Local development officials continue to market the mega site just south of the state line. There has been some interest in the mega site from large companies, but nothing solid has developed as of yet.
  • Technology Upgrades for the Sheriff’s Department. Chasing the bad guys isn’t a cheap business to be in. Just like any other business, the policing business requires technology; technology that only lasts so long. Finding the money to fund these technology improvements is becoming increasingly difficult. We won’t be able to buy everything we need, but everything we do buy will be greatly needed.
  • More intersection safety improvements. The large trees that are restricting the view at Bay Springs Road and Fortner Street will be coming down in the next several days. I’m hopeful that will help people navigate the intersection more safely.

Let me also take a moment to say that I greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve you on the County Commission. Please let me know of any questions or concerns you have.