Road Upgrade Timeline

I met recently with ALDOT to discuss key areas of concern for District 4’s roadways and thought I’d update you on the status of each project:

Ross Clark Circle

The widening of Ross Clark Circle from 231 N to Bauman Drive is nearing the end of its engineering and design phase. Archeological and environmental impact studies should commence soon. ALDOT told me that the public should begin to see work on this project in late 2018 and that construction would last about 2 years. While this will be a major inconvenience, not expanding the Circle while money is available is simply not an option.

Brannon Stand Road & Fortner Street Intersection

You should begin to see work on the widening of this intersection by November of 2017. This project will not take very long to complete once it begins and is long overdue.

Brannon Stand Road & Highway 84 West

ALDOT currently has no plans to improve traffic flow along Brannon Stand Road through this intersection. I told them that traffic often backs up tremendously along Brannon Stand Road and needs addressing. They plan to conduct a traffic study to see what, if anything, could be done to improve traffic flow along Brannon Stand without slowing down traffic along Highway 84.

W.G. Bond Road and Highway 84

Traffic turning off of Highway 84 West onto W.G. Bond Road tends to cause slowdowns with the westbound traffic, especially during the afternoon rush hour. ALDOT plans to install a turning lane to improve safety and traffic flow in the near future.