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Proposed Changes to County Subdivision Regulations

This coming Monday, we will discuss making changes to Houston County’s subdivision regulations. The primary updates revolve around bringing our road construction standards up to the same standards used by the state of Alabama. Additionally, we want to provide an option for developers of larger lot subdivisions to forgo our curb and gutter requirements. Click […]

Out With 2016; In With 2017

2016 is out and 2017 is here! Here is a short list of things we’ve been working on over the past year as well as a few things to be on the lookout for in 2017: 2016 Recap New radio system for the Sheriff’s Department – Our existing system was so old it could no longer […]

Ballot Amendments in Plain English

If you are like me, you probably get confused about the amendments that appear on the ballot at election time. This year, we have 14 making an appearance. To help you out, I’ve uploaded a document prepared by the Fair Ballot Commission which explains each amendment in plain English. I hope it helps.\ Click here to download […]

Road Upgrade Timeline

I met recently with ALDOT to discuss key areas of concern for District 4’s roadways and thought I’d update you on the status of each project: Ross Clark Circle The widening of Ross Clark Circle from 231 N to Bauman Drive is nearing the end of its engineering and design phase. Archeological and environmental impact […]

May 2016 Update

Warmer weather is here which means any day now it’s going to get hot and stay hot until fall. Although our FY-2017 budget will not be approved until closer to the end of summer, work on it has already begun. Other projects continue to occupy my attention as well and although predicting the future is […]

Time for Bentley to Go

Over the past few days, I’ve been asked several times if I thought the Governor should step down. I can dispense with that opinion very quickly: yes, he should. He should resign, not just because he cheated on his spouse, but because of numerous missteps that call into question his judgement and show that he […]

Things In The Works

I thought I’d use this month’s column to talk briefly about a few of the issues we are currently tackling: Road Funding – We’ve been talking about this for a while and, as I write this article, the Alabama Legislature is debating it. No one in this area likes taxes. Politicians don’t like to talk […]

Recapping 2015 – Previewing 2016

In my January 2015 article, I identified four major issues facing Houston County: road resurfacing needs, unmet needs in the Sheriff’s Department, lack of money and volunteers for the Volunteer Fire & Rescue system, and a lack of jobs for County residents. Looking back, I believe a lot of progress has been made in the […]


“To the outside, Vladimir Putin says he is in favor of democracy and reform but in his heart he longs for the Soviet Days.” – KGB Gen. Oleg Kalugin (Ret.) in an 2001 unclassified speech to NSA employees I was listening intently to General Kalugin’s speech at NSA’s Friendship Annex (FANEX) facility in early 2001. […]

Wrapping up my meeting with ALDOT

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to meet with ALDOT to discuss improvements to the highway system in the western portions of Dothan. Here is a recap of everything we discussed: Ross Clark Circle & Highway 84 West Intersection – ALDOT has long known that this is a bottleneck and they are going to look at […]