FAQ: New Garbage Containers

There have been several questions about the new garbage containers so I thought I’d answer most of them here as well as provide a few tips.

Q: When am I supposed to begin using the new garbage containers?

A: You can begin using them immediately. For the next two weeks, the county will continue to service your old garbage cans. After a two week grace period, the county will only empty the new containers. I’d encourage you to begin using the new containers as soon as possible.

Q: Where should I place the container?

A: When the containers were distributed, they were placed in the exact spot where the county wants you to place your container going forward. The containers were placed in the best position for the automated arm to grab and empty your container, so don’t get “inventive” with your garbage container placement. If you do, there is no guarantee that your container will be emptied.

Q: Can I get an additional container?

A: Additional containers can be obtained by calling 677-4705 or 677-4789. There is an additional deposit for each additional container you request.

Q: Do I still need to bag my garbage or can I throw unbagged garbage into my container with reckless abandon?

A: You must continue to bag your garbage. Unbagged garbage has a habit of blowing away from the truck, and back onto your property, when it is being dumped into the garbage truck.

Tip: Make sure the front of the container and the white arrows face the road.

Proper placement of your can will make it last longer. If you misalign your canit will increase the strain on the lid and increase the likelihood of it shearing-off completely.

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  1. Kelley Betsill
    Kelley Betsill says:

    I live in Kinsey and wondering if we are getting the new cans. We haven’t received them before so I am just wondering

  2. jill parker
    jill parker says:

    Hi Brandon, i’m a rurak mail carrier in wicksburg. I just wanted to know why the container has to be so close to the mailbox or in our line of travel. Also, the ones on HillTop road are an accident waiting to happen. To close to the road, customers have to push it across a very busy road, where people don’t obey speed limits. And there is one on a curve where it might not be seen until its to late. Just was wondering who decided on the placement, can the truck not go up and down the roads like it use to? Thank you for your time.

  3. Martin Juve
    Martin Juve says:

    Brandon, Nice meeting you and getting to know you. I applaud your efforts to establish functional relationships with your constituents and encourage you to continue to do so. I understand that you might know Lance Hawkins. I am dating his mother and I have had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife in Germany. He is a Senior Master Chief in the Navy Seals. Please know I appreciate your professionalism and attention to the “little things” that make the big things happen. Keep the faith and press on. Warm regards, Martin O. Juve, LtCol, USMC (Retired)

  4. Brandon
    Brandon says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I do remember Lance and I’m happy to hear of his career in the Seals. I’ve placed Winslette on the list to have prisoners pick up trash along the road. Let me know if that does not take place within the next month.


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