Time for Bentley to Go

Over the past few days, I’ve been asked several times if I thought the Governor should step down. I can dispense with that opinion very quickly: yes, he should.

He should resign, not just because he cheated on his spouse, but because of numerous missteps that call into question his judgement and show that he can no longer be trusted to run the state government. Missteps such as:

  • His campaigning on a message of “no new taxes” and after winning reelection, suddenly “discovering” that our state is in a fiscal crisis and asking for higher taxes. This revealed himself as just another politician who says one thing and does another.
  • His doling out of $73,000 pay raises to his department heads while the state’s infrastructure crumbles because of lack of funding. This myopic, inept, and flawed decision-making isn’t just bad optics, it’s just plain stupid.
  • His heavy involvement with a former chief advisor who didn’t answer to the people of Alabama because she wasn’t paid by the people of Alabama. In fact, no one knows who was paying part of her salary. She could have been paid by Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Alabama Power, PETA, George Soros, who knows?

When I look to Montgomery, I don’t see a group of distinguished citizens making sound policy for our state, I see a clown show. I’m sad for some of our very fine local legislators who go to Montgomery and try to do the right thing, only to have to sit through the circus that has become our state’s government. I’m also ashamed for the many good Republicans I know who vote, volunteer, and donate because they want fiscally responsible, morally-sound government.

It is time to refresh the tree of democracy in Montgomery, Alabama. It is time for Governor Bentley to go.

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