Update on 84W and Bay Springs Road Intersection

When I was campaigning for office, one problem I kept hearing about was the intersection of Highway 84 West and Bay Springs Road. Since I go through this intersection almost every day, I am very familiar with how dangerous it can be, especially during the morning and afternoon rush.

Checking traffic as you cross from North to South on Bay Springs Road, a utility pole, complete with strategically placed box, stares you in the face.

Checking traffic as you cross from North to South on Bay Springs Road, a utility pole, complete with strategically placed box, stares you in the face.

Prior to taking office, I requested that Houston County ask ALDOT to look at installing a traffic light at this location. A study was conducted, the results of which can be download here, and it was deemed to not have sufficient enough cross traffic to justify a traffic signal.

Then just a few weeks ago, our community lost a valued and long-time resident when he was involved in an accident at 84W and Bay Springs Road. I never spoke to the gentleman, although I would often see him picking up trash beside the road near his home. His wife, whom I spoke with at length during the campaign, was also in the car when the accident occurred. From what I have been told, her injuries were substantial.

As a result of that accident, I have had several nearby residents ask again about the intersection. I want everyone to know that I have been in communication with the person at ALDOT who ran the traffic study and he has informed me that they are looking again at the intersection. They will study the number of accidents that have occurred and look into what improvements can be made to reduce them in the future. This does not mean a traffic light will be installed and may only mean that the speed limit will be reduced. But I will support any change that will make our community a little bit safer.

I will post an update once I have more information.

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  1. Chad Johnson
    Chad Johnson says:

    My name is Chad Johnson. I have lived on Co.Rd 49(Bay Springs Rd.)for 38 yrs. I have 10 and 6 yr.old boys that cross that intersection twice a day on the school bus. Not counting from 1-2 times more daily with me,their mom, or grandmother. That has been an awful intersection for all the years I can remember. And over the years it has only gotten worse! If you travel 84W, you know about the Enterprise/ Ft.Rucker traffic. It’s Awful!!! Every morning I see teenage kids, 1st and 2nd year drivers, trying to manage the traffic there on their way to school. Also me and all the other adults going and coming from work. Over the last 10 years me and others of the community have wondered when there would be a traffic light put there. I would hope after the death of a member of the community and countless very bad wrecks, the state would see fit to put one there. We have all been taught that ” an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure”!! Let’s please not let this go until we have to deal with this horrible situation again. Thanks for all you are doing to help us.
    Sincerely, Chad Johnson
    A Concerned Member of the Community!!!


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