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A Soldier's Perspective

A Soldier's Perspective

Houston Academy Graduate Stetson Kornegay on War, Instability, and the Unknown

Stetson Kornegay, a son of Houston County and graduate of Houston Academy, catches up with Brandon Shoupe to discuss the global instability, the wars in both Ukraine and Israel and why they matter to people in Alabama. He discusses his adventures in the U.S. Army and gives an interesting take on the ongoing UFO phenomena.

In this episode, Stetson discusses becoming an elder in East Africa

People & Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • President Ronald Reagan

  • Academics at Houston Academy

  • Strategic Importance of east Africa

  • Vimal Patel

  • War in Ukraine

  • War in Russia

  • China

  • India

  • UFOs/UAPs

  • USS Nimitz Incident

  • Congress

  • University of North Carolina

Books Referenced

  • The Making of the Atomic Bomb - Note: I mistakenly referenced the book Black Sun, but the one I link to here is the one I was actually talking about.


Things that Matter
Red State Rundown
Brandon Shoupe is the Chairman of the Houston County Commission in Alabama. He writes about community development, leadership, Alabama, and righting the American ship.